Ferrets hors d'oeuvres and appetizers

The only reason I like the original ferret is because a battle seems more intense when your computer systems are blowing up all around you.

These variants look very cool though
This is also good for a laugh, Avatar yourself- Wing Commander style!

Not exactly 3D forum section topic, but I don't think it deserve its own thread... kinda silly stuff.
heh, three posts - all of which awesome :D I agree that even in a simple 1 on 2 fight against sartha the ferret is like flying a chair with mass drivers - it can do a surprising amount of damage, but it's armoured so poorly you get the impression that if a pilot farted mid flight it might explode.

also - awesome idea for the avatars :D
Just look straight into the camera and shoot.

The rest is Photoshop.
discard all color information (grayscale), then import yourself into a *.PNG image file of the the green VDU we see in our WC2 cockpits. Photoshop will take the black and white values that make up the face picture and convert them to their closest green values equivalent of the *.PNG image. (by default, an open *.PNG image file on Photoshop doesn't use the full color spectrum- it only use the exact colors that make up the image).

the rest is artistic flare I guess.
We need an iPhone app that lets you do FaceTime video calls with a Wing Commander VDU filter.

Then we can prop our phones to the bottom right of our monitors and video-chat while we're playing Privateer.
It's kinda funny that we're talking about using modern full-colour technology to simulate the green-screen VDUs of the earlier games. (:
Ah, beloved Privateer.

How I wish I could live in there...

--I might have to shave to conform to TCSN regulation...
Haaaah haha.

I had THE same flashback creep into my mind last night and was going to correct myself:

You are a fast one.
Yours is quite striking-- that fella has a 'lather rinse repeat' thing going on
I like how some of the faces were recycled. I can see Talon hiding at the back there, and Star*Soldier assigns another one to Kevin Tolwyn, as I recall. With the effort made into making so many faces, it'd be a shame to leave them unused, neglected and forgotten, no? (:
He's a character from Special Ops 2, one of the pilots in Maniac's experimental squadron. On this screenshot, you can see part of his face near the right edge of the screen - the smiling blonde guy.

Mind you, when they recycled his face for SO2, they actually drew it from scratch, more or less - and, IIRC it was drawn by a different person.
Mind you, when they recycled his face for SO2, they actually drew it from scratch, more or less - and, IIRC it was drawn by a different person.
I didn't know that, although it was clear to me - for both Talon and Crossbones - that they weren't exactly the same sprites used in the original game. Clearly whoever drew the animations still used those sprites as a base.
What a striking resemblance all three pairs of images make. (:

Edit: Interestingly, Star*Solder uses the Crossbones base for another pilot.