Rear Admiral
It's been awhile since I've had the chance to do any WC-themed 3ds Max. So when I came across Howard Day's fantastic Hornet model while digging through some files, I decided it was time to rectify that particular situation. This is the result (warning for any dial-up users: it's a 1440x900 wallpaper, might take awhile to load).


In a system with a blue-giant sun, a Hornet plunges fearlessly into an asteroid field, lasers blazing, intent on eliminating the Kilrathi within.

I can but hope it's not too dark for the rest of you - the joys of monitors never having the same level of brightness.

Full credit to Howard for the Hornet. Maybe I should try something with his Dralthi next, perhaps make a Kilrathi version of this.
Hey, that looks good, but I would say it's too dark. I can make out all the details on my bright LCD here, but it's almost completely black on my CRT secondary (and I have that turned up fairly bright too). Any chance of getting it relit (and a bit higher resolution wouldn't be bad either)?
I really like your setup. It's a very nice scene. I don't whant to overstep my bounds here but if you're not going to give us a clear picture of what you did I shure will- at the very least, the work deserves to be seen by the comunity.
Beautiful, but far too dark

You should add some ambient light to the scene. Right now, the contrast between lights and darks is tiny. Bumping it up in an image editing program doesn't help too much because there's so little to work with in the first place.

Great job on the scene, though!
Sorry about not having gotten an update on this yet - I left for England the day after I initially posted this, and am still going to be over here till the 22nd of April. Once I get back home to my computer, I'll give this thing a touch-up and post it again.
Well, a month late (the joys of coming home to a job that's gone straight to hell while I was gone), but I finally got the chance to sit down and tweak this. Figured I'd get it posted before heading off to work tonight.


I hooked up a spare CRT monitor I was able to find, so testing on that has shown it to be bright enough to be seen without being so bright as to ruin the effect - keep in mind, that is a giant star in the background, so not too much would be visible with that much light pouring into the "eye" of the scene.

Any further critiques are more than welcome, as are any requests for additional resolutions, should anyone like it that much.
That's better! But I think that the contrast on the hornet could be a tad harder. Same goes for the asteroids. They seem to receive light from all directions now :)
That's better! But I think that the contrast on the hornet could be a tad harder. Same goes for the asteroids. They seem to receive light from all directions now :)

Of all people who could possibly reply... :) It still seems dark. The contrast thing seems necessary to help make objects visible. If you had to, you'd just call it a binary star system and stick a second giant light source behind the camera.
Yes I agree, thank you marc for the brighter view! it is awesome but I have a system that is over 5 years old, The powerful need for a job to upgrade so I can see all of the awesome work done here! It is awesome! Keep it up partner!
perhaps you should add a little object mortion blur, for more dramatic. and you could change the perspective to look on the fighter. If you put the camera a bit higher and look more down on the hornet, youj probably see more of this great model.