Extracting music from WC1 & 2 KS version

Mad Hatter

I`m not sure this is really a technical issue, but does anyone know how I can extract music from the KS version of WC1 & 2, and while you`re at it, the rest of the series?
Well, I know what files the WC1 & 2 music is in, but I have no idea how to extract them. Just keep in mind, though, that those files are fairly big.
Search for a program called Goldwave. Using it, open up the stream files on KS CD 1 as PCM files. That's how the files posted in the Music section of this site were obtained. For some reason, it doesn't work as well for the WC2 music; perhaps it uses some form of compression.
GoldWave worked like a charm for WC2 too. Thanks Stinger.
However, Do you know how I can Extract from WC3, 4 & Prophecy by chance?
WC3/4: use Ripper5 (available in the Files section) on the MUSICx.TRE files. You'll need XanMovie to play the WC3 music.

Prophecy: I believe HCl had a utility for this, but I can't remember what it was.