Episode 1: back in time

Episode 1: back in time

story chapter 1
john and jack are back in time in the academy during their youths and admiral jeffrey tolwyn is their teacher. this is before the war started.

"man i hate doing math homework" said john as he did his math homework

"me too" said jack as he did his math homework too

chapter 2
they were out flying a training mission in a nebula orbitting earth in epee class fighters with their classmate alex "shady" wilson being their wingleader.

"jack swoop around the nebula and look for any enemies that are hiding around the nebula" said shady

"john swoop around the nebula and look for any enemies that are hiding around the nebula the other way" said shady

jack went one way and john went the other way (around the nebula)

shady stayed where he was

they flew around the nebula looking for any enemies that were hiding but didn't find any. but when they had both flew around the nebula they met each other on the Other Side and almost hit eachother


"i'm sorry" john cried

"it's okay - hey let's spar" said jack


they flew their ships around and got engaged into combat with one and another. shady noticed them fighting and screamed at them over the radio "GUYS STOP FUCKING GOOFING OFF THOSE ARE REAL FIGHTERS THIS IS NOT A SIMULATION WE COULD BLOW THEM UP AND YOU'D GET HURT AND I'd GET IN TROUBLE AND WE'D HAVE TO REPLACE THEM WITH NEW FIGHTERS" he screamed

"oh yeah" said john and jack at the same time and they flew back into formation

"engage warp drive back to earth!" he said to the radio

they turned on the hyper drive and flew back into earth and landed

chapter 3
after john and jack got out of class they went to a coffee shop to get some coffee and meet some girls. they went inside and ordered coffee

"how's it going i want coffee" said john to the waiter

the waiter got him some coffee and some for jack. the waiter is kilrathi


"yes i am a traitor to the kilrathi people" said Hobbes

"amazing!" said jack

they drank their coffee and went home

chapter 4
admiral jeffry tolwyn was giving the boys a test in math class the next day

"A TEST!" screamed john


"me too! if only the kilrathi would attack and interrupt the class so we wouldn't have to take it" said john

minutes later when they were taking the test the building shook with explosions that were from bombs


the red alert sirens were going off now the boys heard them and stopped taking their test

"oh no! all of our pilots are dead" tolwyn cried when he heard the news

"aye, me guesses the kilrathi won the war tis too late" said paladin

"wait!" said jack and john at the same time

"jinx!" said jack

"we can fight even though were still cadets! its earths only hope" said jack

the two brothers ran to the launch deck and afterburned their experimental Blair-class fighters out of the carrier

"KICK SOME ASS" tolwyn said in support of them

Chapter 5
the two fighters rocketed toward the battle where the kilrathi ships were (two corvettes)

"you take the left one" said jack

the two boys started attacking the left one with both missiles and guns they got beat up pretty badly but after a little bit they won eventually, blowing up the corvette

"now, let's get the right one" said jack

the two boys started attacking the right corvette just barely killing it before they died

"that was close" screamed jack

they landed back on earth

"Chapter 6"
"in honor and recognition of your valient ways that you defeated the kilrathi force that had taken earth down on its knees we hereby award you two cadets the rank of lieutenants and you will both be assigned to the TCS harmonica where you can both be co-wingcommanders"


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