Editing the save file


How do I interpet the information in the save file?

I want to go and change some of the factors for my stats. (Eg. Kills, Credits, etc.)

Is that possible?


yes--but you have to be very careful not to use an editor that will insert carriage returns after newlines (notepad, wordpad, word, are all guilty of such crimes) hex editors and emacs are 2 editors that don't commit such attrocities--thougH I think Visual Studio.NET doesn't either.

Anyhow your ship and credits are on the first line
kills are saved elsewhere...try killing a specific number f things and search for that value in ascii

Happy Camper

You can alter all sorts of things related to your ship in the serialised_xml folder. I worte a tutorial on how to do this in another reply but I can't remeber which one it was so I'll paste it from the clipboard here.

It is possible to fly any ship in the game with a little bit of file editing. I was flyiong a modifed kamekh yesterday and it was great fun. Here's how you do it.

1. Go to the folder \units

2.Open up the file units.csv (this best opened in Excel or some similar spreadsheet program)

3. Keep the existing window open and go to \privateer100\serialised_xml\[your prefered save game]

4.You will notice .csv files with the names of the ships that you have owned. Create a duplicate of one of them and open it up, then delete everything in it.

5. Go back to units.csv and copy and paste the top line and the line with the name of the ship you want. (e.g. the kamekh is on line 24 in excel)

6. Paste these into the duplicate .csv file that you made in step 4.

7. Rename the duplicate file to a name of your choice (I don't think spaces work though)

8. Open up the Saves folder in the "serialised_xml" directory. And open up the save file with the same name as the folder which contains the stuff in step 7.

9. Near the beginning, you will see the name of your current ship. Change the name of the ship to the filename that you renamed in step 7. (Don't include the file extension though).

10. Load up privateer and enjoy your new ship.

NB: You can alter everything about your ship in the .csv files. So you could make yourself invincible or give your self lots of cargo to sell (if you alter the cargo.csv file elsewhere then you can ensure you get maximum profit). Perfect if you are stuck or are a bit bored like I was.