editing guns

go to the topic WCP from a few days back, i have it in there
No, there is nothing in my e-mail box, its
not starfury_one@hotmail.com.br, hotmail doesnt have .br, sorry...

killerwave, i'm away from my regular computer right now, and try as i might i can't get an attachment to work on my web based e-mail, so i stuck it at the bottom of the first page of my website, go to

and go to the bottom. it should work.
anyone else that wants to of course is free to check it out, and let me know what you think. just leave a message here. theres really only probably about 5 or six completely different guns there. most of the weapons i've made kinda go specifically with a certain ship or something, with the guns being balanced well with the gun energy level, so you'll have to check that out before just puttin' them on any ship
indeed i do. i'm still mucking about with my first completely origonal ship. i've got a few models halfway done, but the problem is the only 3d modeling program i have is CADD, which kinda sucks for making ships like this.
by the way, the guns will probably be a little strong for use against Neph. ships, i balanced my ships and guns out against eachother and against confed ships. i think most people would agree the neph. ships were pretty weak.
There is ome problem with the zip file, i download it ok, but whe i try to unzip, it gives me a "not valid archive, try donloading again", so i download it again... and again...and it still gives me the error...
What is your e-mail, so i can sent you these ships
go with wookiepez@popmail.com

i'll try to upload the file again. if i still can't get it to work, i'll send it from my regular e-mail thingy from school on sunday night or monday
i uploaded it again and downloaded it and unzipped it, and it worked for me. if it still doesn't work, than like i said, i'll e-mail it to you
Oh, it works with SO, my mistake...
But some guns dont fire...
Do you know how to create new vdu displays for nrw ships??
A fan made gun won't fire probably because you need more energy than you have-some guns require, say 400 energy and that ship might only have 300 at most, just change the ship energy for guns.

The other reason is did you check to see if the gun requires ammo? If so, make sure the ship that has such a gun has ammo. Ammo you can edit in WCPedit.

Snuzzelduck, what in the HELL is that thing on the Lamprey you made!!???

How would I go about changing the look of a certain gun of my choice. I like the way the fireclaw looks, and the bug plasma. How did you make it so it's just a beam? I noticed you made the laser refire almost nothing, but sometimes I can't see the beam.

It would be cool if I knew how to make the bug plasma a beam, but I tried using it and even though the Stingray cluster could fire it like a beam, mine looked like the ion pulses-of course I had two of them.
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yeah, i made several guns take a lot of energy, like on the banshee the singularity accelerator drains all of your gun energy when you use it, same with the EMP gun (which goes on an Avenger) that thing on the lamprey is supposed to be a cap-ship gun of sorts. i stuck it in the lamprey spot cause the lampreys never struck me as all that fantastic. the when you shoot the double-helix ion cannon, it does look to you kinda like the regular ion cannon, a little longer maybe, but thats cause you're actually just at a bad angle to see it. i think beam weapons look all sorts o' nifty, so thats why there's like 3 of them. plus they're easy to make, you just increase the scale of the mat file. it should be the last FLOAT number in that gun slot in the IFF file. only problem is, like you said, sometimes you can't see it if the target is in closer to you than the beam is long. by the way, turn on your victim camera and use a beam weapon, it looks really cool to see the ship exploding with a beam going through it.
thanks Killerwave, i'll try 'em out and let you know what i think.
OK you might need to coach me a little more.
What do I increase the scale to?

Last float number in gun slot? What do you mean? When I use the .iff thingy I can see fram, info, Pal, Name, Pxls.

Another thing is when I switch to edit mode I can no longer read the info, just the aforementioned directories.

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I noticed the laser sometimes at least seems to have trouble hitting ships at close range. It could be something with the beam, if walking into a beam would damage you, then there shouldn't be a problem. if the damage only is done at the leading edge of the beam, then that's different.

Snuzzel Duck, do you think you could send me the files I would need to have the gun images look normal, but have the acceleration chamber look like your Fireclaw when it is fired? I'm going to load ICQ on here soon so could you guide me sometime on making a beam step by step?
the beam weapons do only do damage on the leading edge. it doesn't really matter too much with the lasers cause of the refire rate, but the dbl. helix ion cannon doesn't work at short range. though i don't think its that big of a problem. kinda balances things out a bit.

Deaths Head: switch to edit mode before you load the .iff file. there will be several lines, and then a bunch of groups that start with
LONG (number 0-22)

data groups with a CSTRING section use a mesh, the others use mats. the last two FLOAT numbers in the ones that use mats are you're width and length multiplier. to make the beam weapons i used 896 (number i got from the Shadow laser).

I'll send you a file like you wanted Deaths Head. the fireclaw, by the way, is pretty much the kilrathi equivelant of the stormfire.

and Killerwave, thanks for the ships, they are all sorts of nifty. did you do those or did you get them from someone else?