Drayman Escort Run


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I've been working on my modeling for awhile now, and finally hit the point where I felt comfortable trying to make some WC models. Although my models are rather low poly, and the textures aren't all that great (compare my stuff with something by the Saga guys, Eder, or Howie Day, and mine's downright horrible :p), I'd like to think my Hornet and Drayman came out ok. The planet...well, let's just say it's tough to make something close to that old blue planet from the WC1/WC2 backgrounds.

I wasn't aiming for any specific moments in WC history, but inspiration sort of came from Enyo 2, with Spirit and Blair escorting a Drayman out to the jump-point.



Looks very good indeed :D ! You might have a future in this kind of stuff if this is one of you first works. Keep it up!


Hmmm... you offered a lot of apologies, but I see nothing here to be ashamed of. Really, your work is pretty nice, even for non-beginners. Your sense of composition is very good, by the way. You create a good sense of motion in the placement of your objects.

I only anticipate you getting better. Maybe one of these days you'll be modding back-up for some of the ace modders around here.

I look forward to your future work.


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The Hornets remind me of the X-Wing Alliance WC TC. The whole thing looks very nice! :)

[Scratch that, they might remind me of them, but now that I just did a comparison, your textures look much more crisp!]


Mr. Standoff
Look on the bright side... if the XWA WCTC had been working out back in the day, I wouldn't have left to start work on my own mod. :p


Yeah. From the outside. But after trying to fix some of them to get them running in the FS engine I learn't not to judge them by the looks. :p


Well some of them really sucked, but there were others like the Excalibur which were quite good(did you actually do that one? :p )

Anyways no matter how they looked, from a geometry standpoint they were all horrible, however. :p


Mr. Standoff
Nope, you should know I don't touch any of the post-Armada flying boxes. :p
(IIRC, all the WC3 models were direct conversions, which is why they looked so accurate to begin with :p)

I'd list the ships I did, but then I'd be embarrassed. :D