Dralthi MK IV


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I've been playing around with a little side project, and during that time I whipped up a quick Dralthi MK IV model to test some things out. I wanted something a little higher poly than the originals from WC3, 4 and Prophecy, and higher res textures - but I wanted to keep the same gritty feel.

I figured someone else might want it to play with. It's about 2200 polys, and designed for game usage, so it should be easy to drop into one mod or another where appropriate.

I've put up a .zip that includes it in Max 7 and 3ds format. I also include the original photoshop textures (photoshop 7). There aren't a lot of layers to these, because I used Max's RenderToTexture to create the base texture after I UV mapped it (which was the whole point of the experiment in the first place ).

Anyway, if you're interested, you can snag it here

Screenshots of the mesh are available here




Let me know what you think!



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Looks great if you ask me :D Luv teh textures too! Does it have a bump map in it? This modell ould pass in any game these days, congrats! (I dunno if we will need a dralthy like this in Rangers Glory, but if so, I'll vote for yours :) )