Don't mess with the japanese chicks!


ChrisReid said:
Do you normally get turned on when two guys wrestle or does one of them have to be in drag?
To my knowledge, this is the first time I've ever confused genders on little asian fighters :rolleyes:
More importantly, it's the first time I've ever been falsely turned on by little asian fighters... man, I feel so cheep and dirty- and not in the good way.

Happy Camper

Blackfaer said:
Actually, Karate-do (the full proper term) is the "way of the open [or empty] hand" in the Japanese language and is Japanese in origin. The island of Okinawa took from China (not india) the very basic concepts of martial arts and developed them into Karate-do in 3 or 4 formats which was then brought to the main island of Japan, where it further developed into the traditions of Karate and Judo and a few other martial arts of today.
It was so much simpler when I thought Karate originated from Korea. Nevermind, you learn something new everyday I guess.

I'm thinking of starting Kung Fu and Bushido, any thoughts on that?