Did I break the plot in Privateer 2?

Robert Kant

Hi all,

I'm playing through Privateer 2 again. I need to talk to the receptionist in the Crius hospital in order to see Dr. Loomis. It wasn't the first thing I did but rather I flew some cargo runs and did the mission for Xavier Shoundi (sp). Now I cannot talk to the receptionist to see Loomis. I travel to the hospital, hold the cursor over the receptionist, the title below says 'talk to receptionist' , but no matter how many times I click, I cannot start the movie. Has this happened to anyone else and is there any way to fix it.

Thanks for any help

Robert Kant
It never happened to me... I hope you have an earlier save to go back to - not that this is very far into the game, though, so it shouldn't be a disaster if you don't. That's all I can suggest. Maybe you'll want to wait for others to pitch in.
But I can't see why this would happen. I'm no coder, of course, but I would think having a word with Ser Shondi has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with triggering cutscenes in other parts of Crius...


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Xavier Shondi is a side (that is, non-plot) mission fixer. You can try checking the CIC Guides to see if you've missed anything vital, otherwise it sounds like it may be a glitch. Keeping multiple save games is never a bad idea.
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I faintly remember having read something like this years ago. I think some FAQ/walkthrough warned about this; I'll have to dig around.


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Short of failing a mission, the only way to break the plot is to pay Half Taffin at the start of the story in an unpatched DOS version of P2.

You haven't talked to Loomis yet, right? (there's no email from him to check the files on the Canera?) If you simply can't click on the a hotspot that's obviously there, that sounds like a random glitch. Have you tried tab/spacebar/etc? Is this the DOS version, and have you applied the patch?