Crusader fiction

No Regret

Ok, I've never written a fanfiction story in my entire life, but yesterday I got bored and just started writing. Is it any good? BTW it helps if you know a little about the crusader games.
--------------------------------------------- The Spider Bomb crawled it's little walk of of destruction around the corner, detonating against the oposite wall and taking the last security camera and teleport pad with it.
The figure limped around the corner, various small wounds visible all over his body, but only due to the holes and scorchmarks on the body armor. The left leg armor plating had been ripped of and small jagged and twisted pieces of metal protruded from the flesh.
the two mounted wall machine guns barked out their deadly load as the forcefield around the four Solartron robots dropped. A few bursts from the RP-32 "pacifist" assault rifle quickly silenced the wall mounts. The figure turned the weapon to the slowly advancing mobile weapons platforms. The gun produced nothing but the sound of the trigger hitting an empty chamber. Dropping the now useless weapon he pulled the Crystallizer gun out of the holster attached to his backpack and fired its last few remaning shots at the first mech.. The molecular inhibitor cardriges quickle froze over the Solarton's right leg and making it break of in a shower of sparks. It sagged to the ground. As the other mechs closed in the figure rolled back behind the corner and left a small round metalic box at his original position. The figure produced a handheld detonator and pressed the button. Four "minelets" flung out of the Pocket Betty Obliterating one of the Solartrons and destroying an other one's sensory equipment, leaving it blind. It crashed through a wall and continued it's zig-zag course until it it's 1.5 ton bulk encountered a window, and then the ground, 33 stories lower. The warrior rolled back around the corner and sholdered his GL-303 grenade launcher. As the projectile left the barrel the Solartrons UV-9 bolt hit him flat on the chest, sending him flying into the wall and the few decorative plants the had survived the onslaught.
The man lay there for a while, the slowly got up, grunting with the effort. He looked at the chest plate of his body armor. The chestplate's surface had melted a little. He limped past the smoldering heap of smoking metal that was the remainder of the last Solartron. He entered the lift. There was on floor remaining. It contained his destitnation. The destinatination for wich he had fought three hard years.


"It's gotta be them!"
"It can't, this is the most heavely defended building in Washington. The rebels would have to use the brunt of their forces to storm the city, let alone this place. They're still at the outscirts of the city."
"You heard the explosions!"
"They would've warned us, if they were under attack."
"They could've taken out the comm sysytem!!"
"Oh, God...," the first enforcer whimpered, "it could be him!"
"The renegade!"
"Shut you pieholes dammit," the enforcer captain snapped.
"The lift's coming up!"
"Nobody said anything about reinforcements..."
"get into position."
"Hail Mary, full of..."
"Goddammit Johanssen! Shut the fuck up and get in position!"
The three enforcers trained their weapons on the elevator doors.
The doors slid open.
"empty?", second enforcer stared in disbelief at the open elevator.
"Johanssen.", the captain gestured in the elevator's direction.
Johanssen slowly walked insade the empty cabin.
"What a relief, there's no..."
Johanssen's sentence got cut short by the bullet that entered his brain, spewing his brains out of the backside. The figure dropped down the little emergency escape trapdoor in the ceiling of the elevator holding a small side arm. The second enforcer 's body dropped to the ground in the heavy exchange of gunfire. The enforcer captain ducked behind the secretary's desk waiting for the deadly rain of bullets ended. His trained ear recognised the dry click that signaled the intruder's empty gun. He stood up and raised his "Liquifier" gun, capable of reducing a human body to a small accumulation of semi-solid matter in a fraction of a second. "That was you last ever shot, renegade scumbag! This is how we treat
traitors!" The enforcer captain's grin was wiped of his face (or rather: his face was wiped from his head) by the overdose of lead that entered his helmet, put there by the last three shells from the Reaper riot gun. The figure checked the liquifier. Lead pellets had entered the firing mechanism and rendered it useless.
he limped over to the armored door and and placed the electronic lockpick in the keycard slot. The armored door slid open...


"Silencer 43, 9th Special forces unit.", the voice that spoke had a heavy French accent. "One of the very first enlisted in the elite Silencer squad. Entered military school at the age of four under the Orphans Relocation Program. Made corporal at the age of 16. Graduated near the top of his class and stormed trough the ranks. Received the rank of captain 3 years ago at age 23. Atteined the Senatorial medal of valor in the Petra insurrection. Defected to the Resistance 2 years ago after his fellow squadmembers were dispatched by a Vetron mech unit for allowing known Resistance operatives to escape. Silencer 43 escaped survived. Within the next year he destroyed the Vigilance orbital platform wich was to annihilate the Resistance held cities. A rouge Silencer was responsible. Eight months later the the Lunar Resistence cell obliterates Darkside station, the main mining base for Di-cor, Earth's main energy source, killing Chairman Draygan. The same Silencer was involved, the only traitor ever to it's corps. The Resistance assaults on all fronts and the World Economic Consortium's power slowly crumbles. Even as I speak cities are being overrun by rebels. And now, you have come here..."
WEC presiden Gauthier swiveled his chair around to face the intruder standing in the doorway. "and now you've come for me." The Silencer looked at him, standing motionless in the doorway. The rigid plastic-armor plates of his bloodred armor scorched and punctured. A few wet spots indicated the precense of blood. The surface of the chestplate had coagulated again. the once shiny golden WEC crest now covered with pieces of once molten plastic. He stood erect, as if the horrible lacerations on his left leg didn't bother him. A small puddle of blood formed around his right foot. The black t-shaped visor offered no view of the Silencer's face. He said nothing. "I've been tracking your progress through the building. Very impressive, you are indeed one of the best. I also know that you no longer possess any weapons, but a trained killing machine like yourself wouldn't let that become a problem I suspect. I could of course offer you a bribe. But you probably wouldn't take it. I could offer to let you walk out of here alive, but seeing your state I'm confident you'd choose the objective of the mission over your own life. And of course, all the most imporatant factor: revenge! Nothing changes a man's mind from one of his most powerful natural urges. That is why you will die here, Silencer. The WEC's president walked over to the guncabinet opened it and selected his weapon. The Silencer didn't recognise it, but was certain it wouldn't leave more than a handfull of scattered atoms of him. "Now that the WEC has nearly collapsed it's time for me to move on to a safer place." Gauthier pressed a button on his desk and a large wallpanel opened up, revealing a large white room stacked to the roof with computers and a large circular ring from wich various electrodes protruded. A rather nervous scientist was busy typing in commands on one of the terminals. "Almost ready Mr. President."
"One of the tecnological marvels of SciOps cartel. A dimensional gateway. It turns out there are multiple dimensions in this universe, all resembling our own earth in one way or the other. This machine allows me to travel to any place in the universe I choose. I, however, do not intend to go dimension-hopping. It will transport me to a very remote place here on earth, where people with ludicrous amounts of money can simply disapear." Gauthier smiled. "Now there is simply the matter of staging my own death."
"Open the portal, Higgins."
The vortex swirled open. Higgins threw a few heavy bags through the portal, no doubt containg his and Gauthier's "pension". Gauthier punshed a code into a computer. "Self-destruct sequense activated. T-minus two minutes and counting.", the computerised woman's voice spoke. "Farewell Silencer.", Gauthier spoke as he stood in front of the portal and trained his weapon on the rebel.

The time is near.
There are still quite a few days remaining.

Hail to the king, baby.
-Ash, housewares

I don't care for fame, power or money...
I just want to FIGHT!
-Sanosuke Sagara