Creating an animation.

yes, I think too. I can't do postpro on it yet, but I'll try to work around that too.
Now I figure out how to make the burning edges colored separetly.
Heres a small video of it:
I reccomend watching it with windows media player set to half speed playback.
UPDATE: heres the new version with textures and some "blow-up".Just the parts flying apart, no fireball or anyhting like that, that would have hidden the main effect.
Click the link with "open in new window" or something, or copy it into the adresse bar maybe? Try with IE, it should work. On the linked page is a button labeled Download in the middle. It should be. If you know a another site for this, jsut tell me, and I'll post there.
Have you opened it into a new window and then clicked download?

That looks realy funny but comes quite close to what you want to do in the end.
If you could now make it work that the effect is moving over the sphere without desintegrating it you would have the effect that was seen in the WC4 movie.
I could, but I wanted to disintegrate it :D What I can't do, is to blow up and oblejt and have edges of the chunks disintegrate. I can do it if i set the bomb parameters to blow all faces, in 1/1 ratio. By useing UWV mapping setting Face, so every face is separatly mapped, I could do it though. An anim of the Longbow blowing up is uner way :D It's just a test though, so only a few parts have this material applied on it yet.

I got a Bug: in 3DSMax5, if you step to a new frame of an animation, a cash file is created to display that frame. Playing the animaton in viewport, for example, increases the amount of the memory used. Check it with Task Manager/Performance. You'll see that the Page File usage increases evry time you a new frame is displayed. The bug is, that it never gets cleared, reused, or overwritten! Max keeps adding new entries, so memory usage climbs to the stars! The only way to get back some memory is to totaly exit and start max again.
So, question is, is it just me and/or Max5?
I can download the zip file fine...when I try to extract it it gives me an error message that says, "No files to extract."
I zipped it with windows XP-s deffault zip. Try winrar really, its a usefull little tool, and totally free. Just turn off the associations dureing install for files you have other programs for. Net anim is just about 10 minutes away :D There's no sound to the blow though.

@ Lars: I would ask you to check that is your version of Max does the same bug as mine. jsut keep an eye on the task manager while watching an anim in a viewport in Max.
Thatnks for the tip Sonic TH . Allhtough, I can't use the 3d method for the same reason (high oply count, slow render). I worked with "cards" earlier, and I wasn't happy with the result. Its my only chance now to get grass tough.
Updats later.
And if you like, check the blowup anims above, I'd really like to hear your ideas!
Another experimental shot, this time at creating an inside for a cap-ship. I'm haveing numerous errors due to 3DSMax's badly programmed boolean operators.
Nothings inside yet, so you won't see anything too interesting on the pictures yet. There are 3 levels, each wioth its own 1 big room. I'll detail it into multiple ones later.
So, the main interesting point about this image is that the light of the windows comes from the inside from lights, Not from selfillumination mapping applied to the windows. (note that the ship is just a fast sketch I'v built to modell an inside for, though I like its shape so I'll finish it someday :D)


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"Real" windows give the model much more depth in my opinion. When you don't get to close or flyby quite fast a simple interrior is mostly enough to create the illusion of rooms with stuff in it.
Hmm, well I had a thought but don't know 3DS so this might not be possible:

If you want real 3D grass, maybe you could render small groups of the grass, sort of spread out and sparse. Then add them together in post pro, I think you'd have to have multi-pass rending for it to work though as you'd need the Z-buffer output. You could do it without it but it'd take alot more work. Also might be tricky getting the lighting right depending on your scene.

I'll have to catch up with this thread so bare with me, short on time as always.

Hmm, you mention hair, have you tried Blender? The new release 2.40 has particle hair with guides. Though I haven't got around to playing with it yet. Also has a fluid sim now too.

Downloading the movies now, have to check em out later. Poor dail-up user here :)