Contact Info for Former Aces Members


Greetings, y'all.

I'm currently in need of contact information for one of the members of the former Aces Club, Kevin "Phoenix" Scholl. I've had a request to generate WCRPG stats for a number of his designs, and while I don't think he'd mind letting me doing one or two the request is for a rather sizable number of them, so I figured at this point I should probably seek out his permission. If anybody has current contact info, I'd sure would appreciate a PM.

Actually, there's a lot of information from the old Aces Club that I'd be interested in obtaining, primarily craft designs from the old Acenet site but also some of the stories from the older campaigns (King of the Mountain and previous). If anybody has any of that data, or knows who might have that information, I'd like to know as well. Can any of y'all help me out?