Configuring Sound in WC1 and WC3 in GOG's Dosbox


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I tried looking for a thread on configuring GOG's Dosbox- both games run pretty well and have joystick support on my setup (My old Microsoft Sidewinder, Windows 7, NVidia 8600 GT, Realtek High Def Audio). However, I can't get the authentic audio from either game- both games sound like they are being played through a low end midi card, as opposed to a high end Soundblaster. Any suggestions from anyone on how to fix this? A thread search didn't seem to help. :( Thanks!
This is a common issue, and luckily its easily resolved.

For Wing Commander 1: Go to the GoG installation folder for Wing Commander 1 and open WINGCMDR.CFG ( > Wing Commander 1 and 2 > WC > WINGCMDR.cfg). There should be a line with just the letter 'r'. Replace 'r' with 'a552' and this will switch the default sound to SoundBlaster. The problem stems from the game being set by default to use the Roland MT-32 sound board, which DOSBox does not have the correct sound files for.

For Wing Commander 3: Open the shortcut for the DOSBox configuration file for Wing Commander III ( > Wing Commander 3 > dosboxWC3.conf). Scroll down to the bottom and add '- i'to WC3.exe in the autoexec section. This will cause the game to launch the installation menu first. There you can change the soundcard to General MIDI and this should restore the normal sounds. After you've done this, reopen the installation file and delete '- i' from WC3.exe so the game doesn't launch the configuration tool everytime you want to play.

These steps should solve your problems!
I'm having difficulties with this and was wondering if someone could lend me a hand. My attempts to copy the commands int the .conf file end up with me getting an "illegal command" prompt. Here are the codes for the autoexec that I currently have:

@echo off
mount C "."
imgmount D DATA.DAT -t iso

Thanks for the thread and the help; I knew the music was better back in 1994 then it sounds today in 2012...!
Ha. Disregard that. Of course I had to put it before, rather than after the exe command... Sorry... But again, kudos for the thread :)