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The Mace is in WC4? I thought that was that flashy missile that was on the Morning Star. I'm so used to playing Panther's way which really isn't as fun as the Hawk route. But what exactly does the Mace in WC4 do?


Over twice that of most missiles, and half that of the torpedoes, with no lock-time. Kinda makes you wonder if they recycled the warhead design for the light torpedoes from Prohecy, doesn't it?

I just checked the Ship Database.


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Cone and starbursts are results of pliers tinkering and UBW ingeniuity confed didn't possess them...

I often just brought some to have fun with on certain missions were I knew they would be effective...


gh0d (Administrator)
Not quite. Starburst was Confed, Coneburst was a Pliers-made derivative, directing the shrapnel forward instead of an omnidirectional pattern. The "Attack manufacturing plant" is where you acquire the Starburst. Mace comes from the carrier attack mission, and the Bearcat comes from the "Steal fighters" mission.