Concept Meets Reality in WC4 Match Up (November 9, 2020)


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After a tense week, LOAF thought you all could use some good old fashioned Wing Commander ships. WC4 had some gorgeous promo renders that are quite well known, but people may not be as familiar with their concept prototypes. There are some fascinating similarities - and differences - from drawing board to finished spaceframe!

It’s time to get back to what this is all about: Wing Commander errata. Here are some Wing Commander IV ship concepts and their finished models!

If anyone ever tells you the Bearcat isn’t the handsomest space fighter they ever saw... that person is a liar and can’t be trusted.

I feel like the Lance (or Dragon, whatever you call it!) changed in tone quite a bit from the initial sketches.

The Intrepid, seen here without the bridge damage! The novel names it a converted Durango-class heavy cruiser.

The Avenger ended up very similar to the initial sketch.

The Black Lance transport! Later named Evansville-class. (Note the 3D asset is missing the turrets.)

Original update published on November 9, 2020
I always liked the design of the Intrepid. She represented the plucky spirit of the Border Worlds Militia of being able to take make something out of nothing.
I've said it before, I'll say it again, wing2's rapier is prettier at many angles than the bearcat. It dares to not be dull.
YES! WC2's Rapier is the prettiest and coolest human fighter in all of the WC franchise!

I always liked the WC4 Banshee and after the (to me) incredibly boring and off-putting confed cap ship (and fighter) designs of WC3, even the Intrepid looked interesting to me.

I definately prefer the end result of the Lance/Dragon to its concept (which I agree with @Pedro would fit with the Priv2 style).