Chapter 3 - A Bond of Daring

Earthworm, don't post things in .BMP format. It takes too much space. Use .JPG's instead.

Matrix: It makes sense, but some people insist on accepting everything the manual says. After all, why shouldn't the Longbow bomber have a maneouvrability of 1000 dps?
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LOL why not, indeed.

BTW, Earthworm you have the exhaust port but IIRC the engine nacelle itself is much longer.

Where are the hardpoint for all the IFF and HS missiles the novel speaks of?

I sounds to me like the perhaps, the author may have gotten the Rapier and Ferret confused.

Rapier: 2 DF, 2 HS, 2 FF
Super Ferret: 2 HS
1000dps? I hadn't noticed, but then I haven't studied the specs closely beyond Light Confed Fighters and Heavy Kilrathi Fighters...For obvious reasons. BTW, I've finally got my specs and fighter numbers polished off - after three attempts. I might finally post my next section up even if it did turn out rather dry.
1000 dps
Go ahead and post... I'm just about ready to post chapter IV too. Well... Maybe one more error-checking pass...
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Quarto: Hey did you realise you have a fixed IP? You do realise what that means?
Storywise, I think I might just go and finish it off now. Nah, I'll IRC some more...not like I have to study or anything. =)
Matrix: Not really... I'm totally ignorant when it comes to IP numbers and such.
Hey, but you don't. What does that mean?
Death’s Head, the Ferret in which Hunter died, had 4 missiles though I don’t remember what kind. Anyhow, like all fighters in WC1 and WC2 the Ferret must have them mounted somewhere outside, maybe on the wings.

BTW, Earthworm you have the exhaust port but IIRC the engine nacelle itself is much longer.

It dosen’t have to be bigger, since we don’t know what kind of corvete the engine is from, and better yet we don’t know what type of engine is used, it could look like the one on the picture, maybe a little longer though.

Quarto, is your connection realy that slow? That picture is very small.

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Earthworm: It's not that slow. But if you posted a JPEG instead, you'd cut it down in size quite a bit. Even if you think that everybody who reads this will have an excellent connection, you should still optimise...
good point it took much longer than it normally would without a pic, not real long but long enought that I continued with other things while waiting for it to load.
Earthworm: Quarto's right...partially. The pic was 231KB, that's about 200KB too big for a piccy that size (320x240). I'd have probably used a low color GIF instead of a JPG. But definately be wise - optimise. =)

Quarto: A fixed IP means you could probably set up a server on your machine. Of course that depends on your uni's net security.
As for your story, Quarto...

Sick at home today, finally have some time to read it. I like the fight, that was very well written and flowed nicely.
That Kilrathi-- feel like Weaver right now, can't remember his name, and I don't feel like looking back to find out-- and the way he talks will, frankly, get irritating after a while, but it won't be that big of a deal.
It's getting good, I'll go ahead and read the rest right now.

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It would be unrealistic to expect Rhe'dhi to have a perfect grasp of English after such a short time. And even then, an accent can never be completely eliminated.