Can't get weapons to fire in Privateer 2 Darkening - Help?!


Just one problem now. I can't get anything to fire weapons. Spacebar doesn't work to fire like it should. Also my joystick which actually configured in-game for basic up-down right-left control works (but not the buttons it seems either). I'm almost there but no dice.. Any ideas?

{Fixed "Insert CD 1" message as well as reference read error}
I was able to get the game running. This would have worked for the old, normal version of the game as well as the Deluxe version I used it on this time.
>>>>>>>Old issues/post that are fixed now:
"Also just to be clear, do not run any install program. I'm mentioning that because you keep saying "a folder within the game installation". Don't install anything. Just copy the CDs to a directory, and run the patch." <<<<<<<<
That works! (It does have to be on your C:\ drive or you'd have to change the file paths in Dark.Fix file.)