Boost Your CCG Collection (November 8, 2005)


Wish I had the cash right now to get those!

But that said I have no idea what I have anyway as I have a stack of starter boxes to go through to make sure I have a full collection before trades etc, but anyone wanting to trade please get in touch, or starter decks if you want one to practice with (two are generally needed one for player A and one for player B).

Now to play some more, I reread the rule book and realised why I licked this game as much as the old Battletech CCG from about the same time!

Loaf if you get them let us know here, then I can organise my current cards and then send in requests to you for cards if thats fine.

Anyone knows where one could get the 2 promo cards for the WCCCG/anyone willing to sell theirs?
I don't know if anyone is still interested in the WCCCG but I have TONS of cards in boxes here. Just pay for the shipping. Alas, I do not have any extra promo cards. I am still missing the Tolwyn promo card if anyone has an extra.