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So, what about my story ? You know, I'm doing my best, and my friends say that I'm crazy to write stories in english... So, I really need your comments...
His story was posted to the front page several days ago -- you can find it in the April archive.

It was very good.
I know you guys are very busy, but the archives aren't updated as frequently as they used to be. The most recent update in the archive is April 17, the earliest post on the front page is April 20. That's two days I'm missing. (Oh no! Shock horror!)
That's because we have far less news on the front page than we used to. Of course it's easier to just archive a week of news at once, instead of archiving every day.
Well..well... I'm happy to know you enjoyed it (and from Bandit LOAF, that is... quite wonderful) even if I really don't know how many people read the story...
So, I will try to continue and write other chapters (I've got lots of ideas...)

Just two things I want you to answer:
- did you find some vocabulary errors ?
- need some help about Marines' ranks in WC Universe; i'm not sure that Corporal or Sergeant are good...

Thanks a lot

Sincerely, from a frenchman...
Hmm, I'm not sure if Corporal and Sargeant are good even in the real universe (but I'm probably wrong). Don't the Marines - at least the US Marines - have Lance Corporal and a bunch of other weird ranks?
Well, I don't know too much about real-life military, but at least in RSTC, a lieutenant is the leader of a squad, sergeant second in command and the others are corporals and privates.
Marine rank structure:

Lieutenant General
Major General
Brigadier General
Lieutenant Colonel
First Lieutenant
Second Lieutentant

Sergeant Major of the Corps
Sergeant Major/Master Gunnery Sergeant
Master Sergeant/First Sergeant
Gunnery Sergeant
Staff Sergeant
Lance Corporal
Private First Class
Well, the Space Force ranking system is suspiciously similar to the Army ranking system :). There are really only two ranking systems out there (Navy and Army). All the others are just variations.
Thanks, thanks, guys. Thanks to you, now I can continue my story... well, if you want it to be read...

Have I ever said it ? Thanks a lot...