Banking maneuver


I thought I'd put this up right now, since the rules are not really clear in the current version of the game's manual:
Banking is not restricted to 1 hex - you can bank as many hexes to either side as your ship's Turn Rate allows. This would allow for a maximum of up to 3 hexes, but since you have to move half of your speed in hexes before banking, and banking 1 hex eats up 1 movement point, you can bank 2 hexes at the most when NOT using your afterburners. (Fighters with a Turn Rate of 3 can bank 3 hexes when running on afterburners.)
Okay, I'm ressurecting a very old thread which is technically from pre WCTO(O) days and harkens back to the WCTO days... but this is suddenly relevant. I realized when seeing this that currently you can't bank more than 1, and you can't bank while afterburning!!!

Do we want me to throw back in those features? Multi-lane banking, and afterburn banking?
Multi-lane banking? Yes, please! Afterburn banking? Not sure if anybody missed it, but it's clearly not ruled out in the manual. So if it's not too much of a hassle, I'd say yes. ;)
So quick thought: like afterburn turning, should afterburn banking cost 2 squares per row moved port/starboard? Based on Ironduke's original post above, I interpret that as a no.

Ironduke: What was your intention? Others: opinions?

p.s. almost done with both features; hopefully I can roll them out tomorrow.
I agree, afterburn banking shouldn't cost extra. It's not like turning, where you have to cope with inertia as well.
Also, great work - I'm looking forward to seeing it in game! :)
All the banking update code is done, but I won't be around for the next day or so because of travel. As such, I'm holding off on uploading it to the game in case it breaks things. I'll post again here when it is actually live.
Well, I sent up the banking code, and the orders window for movement phase looks good. I won't know if it worked until someone tries to bank.