B5 combat simulator


Well lets see what happens.
for those of you fans of babylon 5, as well as wing commander who have heard of the B5 combat simulator and its doom, i was recently forwarded information that it might be resurrected/saved. i'll post the email address later if people are genuinely interested in playing it(until the next wing commander). I had the opportunity to multiplayer play it in a prototype version in october 1998 at a convension. i thought it was pretty cool.
hope to see positive responses.
thank you.
I'm not really into b5.
I'd like to see a simulator that has ST peregrine attack fighters battling huge fleets of jemhadar attack ships that would be neat.
I thought it was pretty cool too... The game looked great ... but right now I doubt any game that comes out by that company...


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Even if B5:ITF is picked up by another company tomorrow (damn you sierra), it will be at least another year or two in production before it is released. The new WC/Privateer game should be out long before that...

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