Armada Lexington Questions


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Dragon1 said:
The only figure that really perplexes me is the mass of the carrier. 3,250 tonnes for a ship 725 meters in length designed for long-range operations and complete self-sufficiency just seems way too light and doesn't mesh well with all of the others in pantheon of Wing Commander capital ships.

Well, I think the self-sufficency part comes into play with the mining of planets and creating bases in the Campaign mode. It stands to reason that the carrier could make some kind of outpost or waypoint that would help keep fresh supplies coming in.


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My main gripe is that all of the mass figures in the game, from the Lex to the Shiraak, and all of the fighters are many way too low.


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Is there anything that gives us an idea what the original intended mission for the Lexington was? I was wondering if maybe she was intended for missions like the Escort Carriers were performing pre-false truce and the Kilrathi attack on Earth or to set up bases behind Kilrathi lines in support of those missions?

Also were the systems designed to make Lexington self-sufficient used on the Midway?