Alpha Test Game 5

Sorry, I've been really busy IRL to personally admin these games, recently. I really need to put a week in, build the game-runner tools, and let you guys admin your own scenarios! For the future, though.

In the meantime, I can send out a reminder email, or we can just boot that last ship like we did to the McGeeZax ships...
Sorry, my bad. Somehow another *month* went by. Whoops!

To celebrate the announcement of Star Citizen, I'll go ahead and boot Glorious (wowskyguy).
As far as I can tell the game's still ongoing - it's just been waiting for Chernikov to give combat orders to Odin for the last 258 days...
Hey Guys,

I'm only days away from finishing my PhD finally IRL. My plan has secretly always been to spend some more time on TacOps development this summer.

I can't recall how much I mentioned last fall when I last worked on it, but I am about 1/4 of the way through the scenario editing abilities. I plan to finish that off this summer, so you guys can start running your own games.

I'll probably stay fairly quiet in the short term, but then announce when the next major Phase update happens.