Agincourt II class

Bandit LOAF said:
I'm not really sure how this could be both -- you inadvertently offended me *and* you were posting because you had incorrectly interpreted my tone? You're just saying what we want to hear.

... and the '*sigh*' thing is a horribly obnoxious internetism.
No, I posted this thread because I got into an argument with someone else about the "Tallahassee" class designator. Since the last time you corrected me (in which I mistakenly recollected that you used a harsher tone, thus my inadvertent barb about "swiftly chastised"), I'm rather touchy about the subject and I kept insisting that it is actually the Agincourt (II) class, the other person demanded direct evidence and I came running here.

Now I am thouroughly confused about what you think I was thinking when I posted this thread.

EDIT: The thread of the argument in question from SB:

the discussion about the class designator ends at post 6, anyway, by then I've already recieved my correction here and apologised to "Lord Azrael" as well, in private, through MSN.
Anyone who takes anything on SpaceBattles seriously deserves the resultant IQ drain.
Also, a closer examination reveals that the brilliant first poster got *every single* ship and squadron designation wrong.