Admiral Tolwyn...

Ah, the Lost Regiment series... Some may not agree with me, but it's awesome. A Civil War regiment (the 35th Maine) is transported to a planet called Valdennia (although throughout book #2 it's called Valennia) where an alien race called the Horde dominate. In book one "Rally Cry", a group of the horde called the Tugars led by Muzta Qar Qarth threaten to eat (yes, eat!) the "Yankies", because that's what they do to humans, and the soldiers join forces with Medieval Russian peasents to fight them off. Book two "Union Forever" has them joined forces with Roman Legionaires to fight the Merki. I'm reading book #3 now. It's pretty cool. (Though the sheer amount of cursing is a bit tiring at times.)

And don't be shocked that Forstchen has another series besides Wing Commander
. He also has the Star Voyager Academy series and Gamester Trilogy and a whole slew of others.

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