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Just a note, Steele... Privateer 2 was not a Wing Commander game, nor did it deserve to be. I assume it would be possible, though, because it usually is in games.
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Privateer 2 is a WC game just as much as WC1.

Why isn't P2 a WC game?

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If Priv2 uses the same .TRE file structure, I believe you could use a TRE extractor (I think HCl made one) to unpack the files...

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all right, whatever. I'm tired of this crap. I have plenty of quotes from magazines and sites for this argument. Not gonna bother with them, though. I already know my views are completely different from yours. I don't know where is "God" crap came from, but knock it off, please. I never started taking and shots at you guys, I just continued arguing my point, and I don't intend on doing it either.
Now, here is an honest, serious question, because you guys would know, I guess. It sounds like you guys have more referances for the WC universe other than the novels, games, and movie. Don't suppose you'd be able to direct me to them?
LoneWolf would you please be so kind and tell me why don't you think P2 is a WC game? If any magazines said it that's bull.

Actualy except the movie, games and novels there is only WC Academy TV series which doesen't have that much reference in it, there are also the oficial guides for the games from Origin.

Here's a complete list of all WC novels, maybe you're missing some of them.

Action Stations
WC Movie novel
WC Movie junior novelization
Pilgrim Stars
Freedom Flight
End Run (AFAIK you can't find it anywhere on line except E-bay.com)
Fleet Action
Heart of The Tiger
False Colors
The Price of Freedom

I sugest you buy the movie novels. Even if you don't like the movie, if you want to keep arguing about it, you should have all the information. And than maybe you'll stop saying that our answers are bad.

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Trust me, Earthworm, I doubt I will argue any longer. I'm tired of it. I just hope that if I see anything on the subject I can resist the urge to put in a comment. Anyway, I will try to get those books. Like I said, I haven't seen them in any of my local book stores. Who is/are the author(s)? BTW, I have every one of those novels (including End Run) except for the movie novels. I've read each one over many times.

Anyway, about P2. Just a couple of things. Yes, I've seen several magazine articles. Plus, just the feel I've gotten from the game. First, notice that nowhere... on the box, manual, cd case, game... that it didn't make any referances to 'Wing Commander.' The closest they may have come is by saying something like 'Sequel to the hit game Privateer!' I hate to say this, but it seemed to me that they just used the 'Privateer' name to get more people to buy it. In the game, there is no Confederation, just a Tri-System wide police force. There are no Kilrathi, or any other kind of alien, for that matter. The worlds are all dark, evil, and crazy. There are no references in the game whatsoever to anything WC related. Correct me if I'm wrong, by the way, because I'd love to know anything related at all. I didn't notice one thing. Don't take this the wrong way, because I'm not trying to offend or make anyone angry, but it seems saying that privateer 2 is a WC game is just like saying Starlancer is the WC prequel. I didn't see any connections at all, and neither did the magazines. (yes, I know you don't agree with them)
Anyway, I'd like to know how Privateer2 fits in. I heard that the Tri-System was an early colony, but that the jumps got somehow caught in a loop, and essentially cut off the Tri-System from the rest of the Universe. I don't think that's at all true, however, especially since it was just a rumor from people trying to make the game WC-ish. Anyway, any feedback would be greatly appreciated (I'm not gonna argue madly about this one, only calmly try to find out what other people think)

There are several dozen references in Privateer 2 to past WC stuff.. Whether P2 is a WC game or not isn't up to debate. Despite the obvious stuff, Origin even reiterated that fact in the official P2 FAQ.
Besides, there are several references inside P2 itself(In the Booth with the News, planet info, ship info, etc etc..dont remember the exact names of each sections cause I havent played in a while) to the Confederation.

(New stuff here)

Erk...totally misread ChrisReids post above mine, heh. Anyway, to the people with better memories, were there Kilrathi references as well as Confed references in P2?

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LoneWolf- The magazines can say whatever they want, Origin said it's a WC game, and that's all that's needed. There are however many references to the WC universe in there.

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Hmmm...I´ve an old german version of the game and it use the IFF format for Archive !
Use the Gold Editon from PrivII the TRE format ??

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Ummmm...that "Ghod" remark was a little out of line, and uncalled for. Can't we be civil in our discussions? Wolf was. Even under fire he keep his cool and did resort to name calling...hats off you you Wolf.

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Oh come on Azriel, it was a joke... when he said something that many people disagree with (and he knows it) and says absolutely that something is not true, and not saying 'I believe that this is true' he sounds like he believes that HIS opinion is the only one that counts. Death just stated how stupid it sounded in a way that wasn't very rude.


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Thanks AzrialX...

Anybody know where that FAQ is???
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To get this back on topic...

All versions of Privateer II use the .IFF extension the same as the German version. As with a bunch of other WC games, .IFF is a generic filename extension so two .IFF files can be completely different formats.

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Alright, that's good. That's pretty much what I heard before the game was released. OK. I don't like it as well as Privateer 1 or the WC games though.
Well I like it more than P1, or Prophecy/SO. Even if you don't like it doesen't change the fact that it is a WC game.

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