3 Flavors of Carriers


Critique and Comments welcome.

So, I've been beating the modeling corner again (don't worry folks, Call to Glory is not dead, but on the hard drive of my new box in need of a new CPU cooler which is died in a shower of spark - I've already replaced the motherboard and getting a spiffy Rosewill Cooler.

I've shown some of these ships before, but have undergone major changes since. I'm interested in input so I can finalize the designs and start looking at texturing them.

Columbia - based off of our favorite Concordia class. This is my official tribute to the influence of Wing Commander and the mission to whack the Lexington's bombers that I could barely defeat.

Esercia - posted earlier, but underwent a number of revisions. Essentially a souped up and heavily armored version of the Columbia.

And finally the Illustrious class, partly original and influenced by the Hiigaran Battlecruiser from HW2.