wing commander 2

  1. Ansark

    Having trouble going from WC 1 to WC 2. (Edit: WC 2 mission 3)

    Hi. I recently started playing this series for the first time, and my goal is to play all WC campaigns. I had a blast with Wing Commander 1 despite its age, but I'm finding it difficult to adapt to WC2. I beated WC1 no problem, even the infamous Secret Missions felt quite manageable. But here...
  2. Scribbler

    Wing Commander 2 Ambience

    Mal wieder Zeit für neue Sounds 😊 Heute kehren wir zur Caernavon Station zurück. Hatten Sie einen langen Flug? Arbeitsschicht vorbei? Dann gehen Sie bis zum Ende des Tages und ruhen Sie sich in Ihrem Quartier aus. Heute machen wir gar nichts mehr. 🤫😉 Caernavon-Station, Schlafräume...
  3. dizzibits

    Wing Commander 2 25th Anniversary

    Hello, I was very keen to watch the Wing Commander 2 25th Anniversary celebration that happened on the CIG community twitch last September, but real life prevented me. Does anyone happen to have downloaded it or have a copy? I have asked around at CIG and not had a response. I imagine there are...