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    Wingman responses

    Is there a description of the different wingman responses you receive in games? For example, WC3 if you tell Cobra to "attack my target" versus telling Vagabond. I tried using the search tool on the main page but did not have any luck.
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    Star Trek: Picard | Free Series Premiere Episode on Youtube

    I have not been as into the newer Star Trek, the Star Trek movies starting with the 2009 reboot and then Discovery and Picard. What turns me off about the newer trek is too many of the plots focus on villains that have a personal vendetta or are not who they appear to be. I am tired of these...
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    Check Out Origin's Long Term Plan Circa 1989 (May 6, 2019)

    When I was in junior high I had a couple of Car Wars novels where you made choices and had to track stats related to vehicle combat as you read the book. Wonder if it is the same Car Wars universe.
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    Approaching Fralthi Target (June 5, 2018)

    I like the second image the Fralthi. It reminds me the imperial ships from the former Battlefleet Gothic minatures game.
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    RIP TRU (March 31, 2018)

    Its sad. I have great memories of going to Toy's R Us, and other large box toy stores. There was one near us that had a front that looked like a castle. I remember going and walking up and down the aisles looking at all the action figures, the GI Joes, the transformers, the micro machines...
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    Look of wcnews

    I never noticed the change with the menus between the previous version and the current version. The never launched and the original launch versions of the site sound interesting. Thanks for a little bit of info on the early days of the website.
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    Look of wcnews

    Has wcnews ever looked different? I have been visiting since the mid-2000s and it has always had this look. But I was curious as to if it ever had a different look, such as in its early days.
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    Happy Birthday, Wing Commander! (September 26, 2017)

    Happy 27th Wing Commander. I did not have a fancy computer at the time so my first experience with you was on the SNES. I think I actually played the Secret Missions first and then Wing Commander. I never could get the order right in the beginning, later I played WCIV for the PlayStation...
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    Re-watching original Battlestar on MeTV

    Stubborn as hell yes. I knew that Cain and Adama disagreed on strategy, but I forgot that Cain personally went out on the mission to capture the Cylon tankers and blew them instead up to force Adama to accept his plan of attacking Gamoray.
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    Re-watching original Battlestar on MeTV

    I've been re-watching the original Battlestar Galactica on MeTV and this Saturday will be the first part of the two part "The Living Legend" with Lloyd Bridges as Commander Cain. For some reason I keep picturing Lloyd on the bridge of the Pegasus acting like he does in the Airplane movies...
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    Get Well Soon, LOAF! (August 4, 2017)

    Hope everything goes well during your recovery. Best wishes.
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    Happy Birthday Wing Commander Arena! (July 26, 2017)

    I had a 360 but did not subscribe to Xbox live until Arena came out. It was the game that got me to try Xbox live. Arena was a lot of fun, trying to unlock the achievements and the different fighters, blasting others and getting blasted. Happy 10th Arena!
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    Saw Vagabond last night in an episode of MacGyver

    I was watching MacGyver on MeTv last night and I saw Vagabond. Francois Chau was playing a bad guy in an episode that had very little of MacGyver in it and instead focused on a pair of brother bounty hunters. This made me look up the actor and see what else he's been in that I have watched...
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    Hip '90s WC3 Ad Entices Playstation Fans (January 24, 2017)

    That is a funky outfit and a really weird pose. What does it have to with WC4?
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    Wing Commander Script Guides Updated For New Release (August 20, 2016)

    I am pretty sure on different playthroughs of the Secret Missions there have been times that I have gone from the Raptor to the Scimitar and then to the Rapier, and other times when I have just gone from the Raptor to the Rapier and not flown the Scimitar, and destroyed the Sivar. I don't think...