Wingman's Creed

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Text of the creed

Together we fight, united by a bond -
A bond of courage,
A bond of daring,
A bond of friendship
Without my wingman I am nothing.
Without me my wingman is nothing.
Only together can we achieve
What our cause has called us to complete
For our beliefs we fight
Against the menace that has risen.
My wingman is my guardian,
And I am my wingman's guardian.
With my wingman by my side,
I will not fear death or destruction,
I will not feel the eyes of hate resting upon us.
I will fly my ship strong and straight,
Never doubting that my wingman is there to protect me.

Behind the Scenes

The first, and only, printing of this creed has been in Victory Streak, alongside "An Open Letter from Ralgha nar Hhallas". It has no official name.

It is structurally similar to those used by the various branches of the United States Military. The fourth and fifth lines, "Without my wingman I am nothing / Without me my wingman is nothing", are remiscent of the sixth and seventh lines of the U.S. Marine Corps' Rifleman's Creed, in particular.

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