Why Zimzam, why?

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Why Zimzam, why? is a News Bulletin by Howard Napkin posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. The article denotes a 15% increase in the price of medi kits on Bex.


Why, Zimzam, Why?
Says Howard Napkin, mouthpiece of decency
Psychotic architect Zimzam Edific has once again inflicted death and misery on unsuspecting innocents. Disaster occurred on Bex at the site of Zimzam's latest project, a rollercoaster constructed completely of glass. Work having finished two days ago, the maiden ride was scheduled for this morning; 185 young orphans, 13 terminally ill patients from the local hospital, the Mayor and his pet dog Spanky all climbed aboard the glittering capsule in good faith, cheering with anticipation. Twenty seconds later, the once mighty rollercoaster was little more than a pile of glass shards. Casualties are high.....Medi Kits are urgently required.