Tesla System - Series 6 - Mission 1

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Tesla System - Series 6 - Mission 1
Fighter Rapier
Wingmen Dirk Wright
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Mission Layout


The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong

We were back in the Rapiers in Tesla System. Stingray was my wingman. Our mission started as a simple three-point patrol, but ended in escorting Paladin's Free Trader back to the carrier.

Nav 1 was surrounded by asteroids and that's exactly where we found three Jalkehi. Normally, I stay at a conservative 250 KPS in the rock fields, but since speed and maneuverability were the only advantages we held against the heavy Kilrathi fighters, I took a chance and bumped the throttles to 420 KPS.

I wanted to even up the odds quickly, so I told Stingray to attack my target, and set my guns on full. To disrupt the enemy wing, I immediately sent a dumb-fire at the lead fighter. Stingray had broken to the right. I took a left path and rolled left to keep my profile as low as possible.

It's difficult to use an afterburner slide in the asteroid fields, but I relied on short bursts of speed to evade the four lasers on each enemy ship. We had to take the fight in close. At one point, I had perfect position for a kill from the side until Stingray darted in front. He was lucky that I was paying attention to his position. Javelins were almost useless, because we didn't want to expose our noses to the rear turrets on the Jalkehi. We both took credit for the first kill. Stingray had weakened the Jalkehi's shields with his full guns, and I finished him off with a quick launch of a dumb-fire. The last two Jalkehi fell to full guns at less than 1000 meters. Close range was the key.

We ran into the Bonnie Heather just before Nav 2. Three Grikath were get-ting ready to pound it. They were so intent on their target that I was able to launch a Javelin before they realized we were close. It didn't kill the ship, but my particle cannon combined with Stingray's sure did. Next, I taunted the two pilots, and fired a dart when they were clear of the Free Trader. They finally fell to our attacks against their weaker side armor, and we brought the Bonnie Heather home.

Mission Briefing

Mission Debriefing