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Mining bases are generally affixed to and carved into large asteroids or small dwarf planets. This means that flying through an asteroid field is (usually) mandatory for getting there. In the Gemini Sector during the late 2660s, mining based were most prevalent in Fariss Quadrant, though they could be found less frequently throughout the Sector. They were known for having generally Spartan bars with imported, expensive drinks. After the Nephilim War and during the Sector's resettlement, most of these bases had been taken over by the native pirate populace. Those that still had significant amounts of valuable minerals were re-possessed by the Confederation, the pirates driven out through force. They thus became some of the first bases in the Sector to be repopulated.

Mining bases as a rule need food and ways to distract/entertain their lonely workforce. Issues of Plaything, games or other entertainment are usually in high demand. They have plenty of minerals and not much interest in luxury goods.

Known Mining Bases in Gemini

Known Mining Bases in Other Sectors

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