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Wing Commander veteran Anthony Sommers posted this Origin job request to alt.games.ultima, alt.games.wing-commander, comp.games.development.programming.algorithms, comp.games.development.programming.misc and comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.space-sim. Who knows what it could be for? Oh, and a GOLD STAR to whomever finds the most asommers references in Wing Commander for tomorrow. There are a bunch...

Origin is searching for a talented and experienced 3D Client Programmer to join us in creating our next original persistent world game.
You will be primarily responsible for coding and implementing new game content as well as extending our current code base. You will work with a team to plan and implement new features and systems, as well as evaluate current systems for optimization and bug fixes.
Responsibilities include design, implementation, tool creation, and maintenance of the real time 3D graphics system. This position also involves keeping current with the latest 3D technology, interfacing with internal and external entities, with possible travel to conferences and shows.
· Proficient in C++ / Object Oriented Design
· Solid understanding of / minimum 3 years actual experience developing real-time simulations on the Windows platform
· Strong 3D and mathematical background
· Actual experience using DirectX (primarily Direct3D) or OpenGL graphics APIs
· Ability to quickly adapt existing technology and systems to meet new needs
· Practical experience debugging and optimizing graphics code for 3D graphics
· Thorough problem solver; persistent in identifying sources of problems and fixing those problems without causing additional instability in an existing code project
· Understanding of the importance of / disciplined in using versioning control software
· Team player, able to manage and respond to fast-paced input and requests from multiple levels of team and company management
· Highly documentation-oriented
· Shipped at least one professional title within the last 18 months
· Experience developing skeletal-based character systems
· Experience developing efficient scene/world management systems
· Experience developing efficient terrain systems
· Understanding of / experience with TCP/IP programming with Windows sockets
· General Windows SDK/MFC programming for building tools for internal use
· Design and implementation of client user interface
· Experience with third-party memory management tools
· Experience in the electronic gaming industry, preferably on the PC side
Located in the scenic hills of Northwest Austin, we offer a unique, casual work environment along with competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefits package.
For immediate consideration, please send resume to:
Origin Systems
Attn: Anthony L. Sommers, Lead Client Programmer
5918 West Courtyard Drive
Austin, TX 78730
Or send E-Mail to asommers@origin.ea.com
No phone calls, please. Please indicate the job title for which you are applying. We're an equal opportunity employer. All contents ©1998 Electronic Arts, Inc. All rights reserved

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