16 bit SVGA Patch (German & French)

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Creator Origin Systems Inc.
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Fixes 16-bit SVGA palette problem with certain PCI video cards. For German or French WC4. See also: 16 bit SVGA Patch (English).

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WC4P-GF for Wing Commander IV : The Price of Freedom (German and French)

(C) 1997, Origin Systems, Inc.
Written by Anthony L. Sommers (support@origin.ea.com)

  DISCLAIMER : Origin Systems, Inc. shall not be responsible for the
  usage of this patch, in whole or in part. In no event will Origin
  Systems, Inc. or the author of this patch be liable for any damages
  resulting from the use or misuse of this patch. Use at your own risk.
  The document included with this patch may not be reproduced in any 
  manner without the written consent of the author.

About WC4P-GF

  WC4P-GF was written to address 16-bit SVGA palette problem found
  with video cards using the S3 Vision 968 chipset and the IBM RGB524
  RAMDAC. Cards we know Wing Commander IV has a problem with include
  the Hercules Graphite Terminator Pro 64 PCI and the STB Velocity PCI.

  WC4P-GF verifies that the original executable (found on disc 1 of
  the release version) is used. If it does not work, try copying the
  WC4.EXE file from disc 1 into the Wing Commander IV directory.

Installation of WC4P-GF

  1)    Change to the directory where WC4P-GF.EXE was extracted.
  2)    Copy the WC4P-GF.EXE file to the C:\WC4 directory, or
        the directory used to install the game, i.e. :

            COPY WC4P-GF.EXE C:\WC4   [ENTER]

  3)    Type WC4P-GF and press [ENTER]. The patch will let you
        know if it successfully updated the game. It should say :

          "Wing Commander IV 1.04F successfully updated! -ALS"
  4)    Try to run the game (using WC4). The odd colors should
        now be normal!

  5)    Enjoy [16-bit SVGA]! :)

Uninstallation of WC4P-GF

  To remove this patch, just recopy the WC4.EXE file from disc 1
  into your Wing Commander IV directory, i.e. :

        COPY D:\WC4.EXE C:\WC4   [ENTER]


  *     If 16-bit video works perfectly, it is recommended that
        this patch is not used.

  *     Check out the WC4 Technical Help File (WC4HELP.TXT)!

        Origin BBS : 512-346-2227
        Internet   : www.ea.com/origin.html
                     ftp.ea.com /pub/patches/wc4help.txt

  *     Thanks to Armond Bruno for discovering the cause of the
        problem! Thanks to Jason Yenawine for letting me know what
        needed to be fixed! Thanks to Hercules for providing
        a Graphite Terminator Pro 64 PCI card for testing!

Technical Support

If you are having trouble installing this patch, please feel
free to contact our Technical Support department. See
Install Guide for further information.