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Wing Commander Customizable Card Game FAQ

* Wing Commander (r) FAQ   *
* version 1.00, 25 Sept 95 *

General Questions

Q. What's the biggest omission in the rules?
A. When carrying a Torpedo, a flight does not have a bombing rating. That's the trade-off. Further, a flight cannot use a Torpedo *then* bomb in the same turn. We're not sure how that managed to get left out of the rules, sorry.

Q. Why is Stealth Technology so pricey?
A. The line, "May be played in addition to any other Weapon System" was omitted. Play with this version of the card. It's lots more fun!

Q. Why are there duplicate Nav Points cards for both the Kilrathi and Terran decks? There's no special value in having one or the other, right?
A. No, there's no special value for one over the other; we just wanted to have those cards in both Terran and Kilrathi sets.

Q. Why are there duplicate Carrier cards?
A. They were on the print sheet with the Nav Point cards. There was no *simple* way to ensure everyone would get one by any other means.

Q. On pages 17-18, there is a conflict on when to place pilots, fighters, & weapon systems in the Ready Area. Page 17 says during Mustering Phase, 18 says Scramble Phase. Could you clarify this?
A. Page 18 is correct. You assemble flights in the Scramble Phase.

Q. Why can flights instantly travel back to their Ready Area if they're successful?
A. It's not meant to represent a sudden shift in the laws of physics; rather, military orders. If you're successful, your Commanding Officer permits you to come back to base for a little bit ... maybe to play a card game or something. Otherwise, you've got to 'patrol' your way back to the Carrier Nav Point, then back to the Ready Area.

Q. Are Pilot and Weapon cards shown when they are scrambled?
A. Yes.

Q. How many Pilot Award cards can a single pilot have?
A. The pilot may have one of every Pilot Award. The pilot may not have two of the same pilot award, however.

Q. What's the deal with Recovering/Capturing pilots?
A. If the flight the pilot is on is destroyed, the owning player may play a Recover Pilot card. Whether or not the Recover Pilot card is played, the enemy may play a Capture Pilot card, which supercedes a Recover Pilot card.

Q. What happens when you have drawn all your cards?
A. You must play with the cards you have in your hand or already in play. You skip the draw phase. Do not reshuffle.

Q. Does a flight's Maneuver Value dictate up to what difficulty of maneuvers in can perform, how many maneuvers it can perform, or both?
A. Both. Note also that Battle Damage cards follow these rules and are accumulated with Maneuver cards. A flight with Maneuver Value 3 could perform a Maneuver 3, play a Battle Damage 2, then perform another maneuver 3.

Q. When exactly do Battle Damage cards leave play?
A. Battle Damage Cards go to their owner's discard pile when the flight they're on is destroyed or the damaged flight returns to the Ready Area -- at which time they're removed automatically.

Q. If a battle damage card does enough damage to bring the opponents fighter down to 0 defense, is that fighter immediately destroyed?
A. No. However, a single point of damage will now destroy it.

Q. When playing the Maneuver Break-off, does the effect take place immediately, ending combat?
A. Unless negated by a Tail played either before the Break-off or immediately after, the combat ends immediately.

Q. Can Weapon Systems be played only on the type of ship pictured on the card?
A. No, there is no stricture about picture-matching.

Q. What exactly does Reaper Cannon do?
A. The flight now has Attack Value 5 and Bombing Value 1. Not a great idea on a Sorthak, but excellent for an Arrow or Darket.

Terran Cards

(no questions yet)

Kilrathi Cards

Q. Is the Kilrathi Roll Maneuver too costly, compared to Terrans?
A. Nope. Terrans are just better at rolling.


Q. Who is your NetRep?
A. Chrome Sync. He can be found at Rules questions are best sent to that address.

Q. Do you have an FTP site or WWW site?
A. You can FTP at Our Web site should be up soon.

Q. Are there rules for more Nav Points or multiple players?
A. There are no official rules for either at this time. Here is a tested variant to try, though:

              S1         S2
           /  |  \    /  |  \
         NP   |    NP    |    NP
         | \  |  /  | \  |  / |
         |    NP    |    NP   |
         | /  |  \  | /  |  \ |
         NP   |    NP    |    NP
           \  |  /    \  |  /
              V1         V2

     V#= TCS Victory (1 and 2)
     S# = Sivar's Glory (1 and 2)
     NP = Nav Point
     -- = Movement Lane

The turn sequence is Kilrathi 1, Terran 1, Kilrathi 2, Terran 2, repeat. Both sides start with Power Point totals of 49, both players on a side working from the same Power Point Pad. When it is a player's turn, the player only plays from his or her hand, and launches only from his or her carrier. The player may move and engage in combat with any flight currently launched, however. The game ends when either side goes below 0 Power Points, or one of the two carriers on a side is sunk. Pilots and crew are still unique, in that only one of any pilot or crew may be in play at any one time. Luck cards are still restricted to one instance of any luck card per deck.

Q. Are there plans for an expansion, maybe even new races?
A. We're working with ORIGIN Systems, Inc. regarding those possibilities.

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