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Questions for Week 6 (starting August 4, 2003):

Question 11: Research on what piece of Kilrathi technology led to the development of the Phase Transit Cannon?

Question 12: Research from a Kilrathi R&D project to develop what weapon was used in the development of the flash-pak?

Bonus 6: What are at least two other pieces of Confederation equipment or technology based on Kilrathi research or technology?

Please email answers to by 4 PM Pacific Time on Aug. 10, 2003.

Answers to Questions for Week 5 (starting July 28, 2003):

Question 9: Name a character with romantic feelings for Rosalind Forbes.
Answer: Todd "Maniac" Marshal

Question 10: Name a character with romantic feelings for Jason Bondarevsky.
Answers Included: Svetlana Ivanova, Alexandra Travis and Janet "Sparks" McCullough

Bonus 5: Name a character with romantic feelings for Gwen Larson.
Answers Included: Ian "Hunter" St. John and James "Paladin" Taggart

Answers to Questions for Week 4 (starting July 21, 2003):

Question 7: For what reason does the Kilrathi Skipper Missile periodically drop in and out of cloak?
Answers included: Reacquiring target, course correction and energy/heat ventilation (WC3, Movie, Confed Handbook)

Question 8: For what reason does the Hakaga-Class Carrier have sealed internal access shafts?
Answer: To Transfer fighters and supplies between flight decks in case of damage or equipment shortage. (Fleet Action)

Bonus 4: Hunter speculates that the Dralthi has its 'Flying Pancake' configuration for what reason?
Answer: To spread the ship's stabilizers over a greater distance, making them more effective. (Freedom Flight)

Answers to Questions for Week 3 (starting July 14, 2003):

Question 5: Name the religious group that, in its teachings, shunned advanced technology.
Answers included: The Church of Man and Retros

Question 6: Name the religious group that believed that to complete their salvation they needed to undertake the "Final Exodus".
Answers included: Pilgrims and McDanielists

Bonus 3: Name the religious group that believed: "There shall come a time when one who has the heart of a Kilrathi, but is not Kilrathi born, shall rain cleansing fire down upon us."
Answer: The Cult of Sivar

Answers to Questions for Week 2 (starting July 7, 2003):

Question 3: Which veteran pilot was killed covering Jeannette Devereaux's retreat in the Firekka System circa 2655?
Answer: Chen "Bossman" Kien

Question 4: Which veteran pilot was killed during a raid on a communications station in the Orestes System circa 2673?
Answer: Winston "Vagabond" Chang

Bonus 2: Which veteran pilot was killed fighting the Kilrathi in the T’lan Meth System circa 2681?
Answer: Jacob "Hawk" Manley

Answers to Questions for Week 1 (starting June 30, 2003):

Question 1: Who wrote, "I have heard your accusations and prejudices, and I feel the abrasion of your hate as if you had seared my flesh with a hot light-spear?"
Answer: Ralgha nar Hallas (Hobbes) in the Victory Streak manual for Wing Commander III.

Question 2: Who said, "This baby packs a helluva punch. You can take out a capital ship, a building, maybe an entire installation, with this thing. And what's really incredible ... it does it from the inside out. Sounds crazy, don't it?"
Answer: Robert "Pliers" Sykes in Wing Commander 4.

Bonus 1: Who wrote, "How kan a kat drive a spaceship? They dont have fingers to move the sterin stik."
Answer: Graham, writing to his father, in the Voices of War manual from Wing Commander Armada.

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