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George Oldziey is back with a New Year's message and Wing Commander album status update. He's anxiously preparing for the Wing Commander bar music recording happening next month as well as planning out the next steps for the orchestral portions of the album. He's also dug up a vintage interview that was published in the January 1999 edition of Film Score Monthly. CIC visitors that were following us 19 years ago might remember this one, but it's still a great look at how George become wrapped up in such an iconic series!
Happy New Year! And a blast from the past!

Greetings to you, the best music fans in the world! I truly hope that you and yours had a wonderful and blessed holiday season.

I'm very much looking forward to recording the Wing Commander bar music next month, as well as planning phase 2 to make Volume 2 of orchestral music possible. I'll keep you updated as we progress.

I've been going through old files to do some New Year's "house cleaning" and came upon this "interview" that was done approximately 20 years ago. I don't recall for whom I wrote this, but I was asked to submit, in my own words, my experiences upon being hired at Origin/EA as well as the subsequent composition of all that WC music. It's a bit long, but if you grab a cup of coffee or hot toddy just put your feet up and have a good read! (apologies that copying and pasting eliminated all the paragraph formatting).

All the best to all of you in 2018!

This is just a tiny snippet, check the full interview out at Kickstarter or the archive here.
I was living the quiet life of an Austin, Texas freelance musician during the Spring of 1994 when a friend told be about a job opening for a composer at Origin Systems, a leading producer of interactive entertainment software. Since I've always been one to seek new musical challenges I quickly sketched a piece in the best tradition of action films (and slightly reminiscent of that "galaxy far, far away"), sequenced it with a borrowed computer and synthesizer module (with a lot of help from a friend more computer savvy than I) and recorded the piece to a cassette tape which I delivered a few days later. Two days after I submitted the tape I was hired. Unbeknownst to me I would be composing the music for the cutting-edge CD ROM title: Wing Commander 3. The next 6 months turned out to be one of the most exciting and rewarding periods of my life.

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