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The confetti is starting to settle, and those of us who had time off for the holidays are getting ready to go back to work now. We're all inspired by the last two days' worth of 2017 recaps. When it's all summed up like that, it's really astounding, and these are just the condensed highlights. This also means it's time for our traditional New Year's poll that asks what you all think of the year ahead. The CIC turns 20 this year, and we can't wait to see all the exciting WC news that 2018 has in store!

We've also concluded the previous poll, which asked about everyone's favorite galactic sectors. The Gemini Sector beat out Vega by just one vote! Both took about a third of the total and highlight the popularity of both Privateer and Wing Commander 1 (WC3&4 both largely take place in Vega, although the sector isn't as prominently called out there). WC2's Enigma Sector came in third. I was surprised that very few voted for Vukar Tag. When the End Run novel was new, it was a hopping place!

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