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Former Origin senior artist Denis Loubet reached out on Christmas to share some very cool Wing Commander artifacts with his friends and followers. He's got quite an assortment of team shirts from different products that he worked on. From left to right below, he's got shirts from Academy, Privateer, WC3 3DO (front), WC3 3DO (back) and Strike Commander, plus a variety from Ultima games and other unique items. He's posted the full slate at his Patreon page, where he maintains a pretty active stream of neat odds and ends for Origin fans. Over the years, I think we've spotted each of these WC patterns before, but it's cool to see them all in one place!
In Leiu of Christmas Sweaters...

How many of my Patrons recognize these shirts? I have them in various degrees of usage and discoloration, and post them here for your Christmas deliberations.

Happy Holidays! Enjoy my shoes!


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