Pretty Neat Find: Partial WCP Flight Suit Up For Bid Update ID

Jon Parise is an Origin veteran who was working on Ultima Online when he came across some boxes set aside during cleaning. One of them included the upper half of a Prophecy flight suit about to be discarded. Fortunately, he saved this collectible artifact, and more than a dozen years later, he's making it available on eBay for a fortunate fan to purchase. These don't come around too often, so good luck if you're thinking about bidding! For comparison purposes, you can see the entire suit (with pockets and pants) would look like here.
I worked at Electronic Arts on Ultima Online as they were closing down the Austin-based Origin studio, and I salvaged this from some storage boxes while they were cleaning out the building.

Because this is a costume, it doesn't have an official size. I fits me pretty well, and I generally wear fitted "medium" shirts and a 38 Regular jacket.

In great shape. No tears or broken buckles. I've kept it in its original condition, but it could probably use a careful cleaning after a few years of storage.

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