Homeworld Mod Unveils Updated Capship Lineup Update ID

L.I.F. has been on a capship kick lately, and the results are evident in some of the latest screenshots for the Homeworld Remastered Mod. The Concordia leads the pack this time with an interesting face off against the Homeworld mothership. There's also a large lineup of the game's latest battleships - bookended by Confed HQ and the nifty Kilrathi asteroid base. A handful of modern fighter designs are also thrown in for good measure. L.I.F. warns that all the beefy models could drag down lower end systems, but the detail looks worth it to us!
Progress update: all ships are working now with their weaponry, though I messed up with the scales, so I am recompiling many of them with their proper dimensions. All icons are done too in the same style as before. The next step will be to update the tech trees and the AI scripts to ensure compatibility with the new crafts. Of course, a big thing to do will be the balance as I'm making things up as I go there and it would be better if each ship had a proper role in-game. Some of the ships will have moving turrets, others will have their non-damageable weapons directly on the hull.

The next update will contain a new option for the skirmishes, allowing the players to switch from WC 3/4 (current mod) to WC 1/2, adding these ships.

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