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Several weeks ago, we posted a collection of Wing Commander reviews from the heydey of Electronic Games Monthly. Today, we're following that with another two selections of Wing Commander articles. The first is an assortment of previews, which cover Wing Commander and The Secret Missions for the SNES and then Wing Commander 3 for the 3DO and Playstation. Issues included are: October & November 1992 (Wing Commander SNES), September 1993 (The Secret Missions SNES), May 1995 (Wing Commander 3 3DO) and April 1996 (Wing Commander 3 PSX.)

Then, it's time... to cheat! Before internet access was common, the place to go for 'game cheats' was magazines and hint books. EGM covered each of the SNES Wing Commander titles several times, posting both the real 'debug screen' cheat AND selections of 'passwords' to play other levels. Interestingly, you continue to see these same passwords (SPACEACE, ASSASSIN) in cheat indexes today... even though they're really just one specific player with that callsign's saved games. Whoever you are, Spaceace, we appreciate it! These cheats originally appeared in February and May 1993 (Wing Commander SNES) and January and February 1994 (The Secret Missions SNES.)

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