Secret Ops Upgrades Upgraded Even Further Update ID

Today we have a mixed bag with a variety of nifty improvements to the Secret Ops Model Upgrade Pack. These are largely refinements where DefianceIndustries went back to apply newer graphical techniques to some of his earlier models as well as tightening up the Panther's geometry a bit to make it more true to the original. Additionally, there are also some test textures to try out some methods of coloring in the Nephilim ships with something exotic. Things keep looking better and better!
I'm doing some fixes to the early MUP models that were built using PART chunks. I've revised both the Piranha and Excalibur meshes, rounding edges, adding vents, punching in recessed panels and the like, not really planning on redoing them unless they look particularly dated. Thus far they look pretty good. Also - The return of the Stormfire!

I'm also goofing around with some procedural textures in Blender to find a suitable base for Nephilim fighters and cap-ships. The plan is to bake them out and touch up the colors in PS, but I wanted to try and get that iridescent quality.

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