Wojo Wows with Map Mojo for Pilgrim Project Update ID

Wojo has been working on his Pilgrim Legacy mod for quite some time, and although we haven't seen too many updates recently, he popped him to provide this nifty New Year's update. First up is an absolutely gorgeous starmap depiction of Pilgrim space in the shadow of the Confederarion. It's done in the style of the WC Movie's opening credits map and is quite stunning. Perhaps this might inspire other artists to take on other slices of the WC universe in a similar fashion. Beneath the map are also two of his new conjectural ship designs. The first is a Pilgrim "sloship" and the other is a Confederate Wildcat fighter inspired by various fan interpretations of different printed texts. It's cool to see someone exploring this aspect of history!
I made this map very early on, simply based on the intro from the movie & the canon universe map that was published with WCP. Interestingly I placed a Pilgrim Cross around the whole Pilgrim-owned sector much like the original movie map - and I don't think we even see that part of the map in the film! Of course, mine is placed around the Pilgrim systems as they are located on the WCP map... I saw in the 2016 roundup the great work done to digitise the original movie map, and so felt like I should offer up this up as an 'homage'. (Yes, that is 'ere be dragons' in the corner. I just couldn't resist)

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