IMDB Takes Video Games To The Movies Update ID

The Internet Movie Database has posted a photo gallery collage to highlight the history of video games crossing over to movies. There are 96 examples highlighted (a significant fraction of which are Resident Evil films), which is surprising in itself. Even more so, Wing Commander is chronologically listed in the first fifteen movies, so the genre has really exploded in recent years. The ones preceding WC do include quite a few turds, so it's no wonder that video game movies had such a strong stigma in the '90s. Although the article is titled "From Console to Big Screen," a number of the base games here weren't on consoles, and a number of the movies were direct-to-video releases. They also chose an odd photo for Wing Commander. It's a still of 'Marine Blair' from their landing party on the Kilrathi ConCom. Check out the full spread here.

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