Flight Commander 1.3 To Implement Advanced Scripting Update ID

eddieb has released information on one of the exciting new features that will be available with the upcoming release of Flight Commander version 1.3. The project has come a long way since version 1.0 was released a year ago last week. Soon programmers will be able to create complex mission structures in this fan made game. A brand new campaign has already been announced that will take advantage of the more powerful engine. FC1.3 is still in testing, but potential modders can start reading up on the dozens of useful Lua scripting language function calls here.

Flight Commander 1.3 will definitely feature advanced scripting capabilities. Advanced users of Flight Commander 1.3 will be able to write missions with the same complexity and sophistication of most Prophecy missions. I've already implemented the scripting features needed for missions, and have integrated this support into the Flight Commander engine. Now, I'll be writing a short series of interesting mission scripts to exercise and demonstrate how to use the new mission scripting features.

For example, this feature will allow missions with time constraints, as well as cargo inspection runs, and multiple waves of ships launching from carriers. Mission designers can spawn any number of new ships in the middle of a mission. Also, a more detailed debriefing screen has been implemented, which is fully controllable from scripts.

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