Fabulous Art By Plunkett Revealed Update ID

Fatcat just stumbled upon the website of David Plunkett, an artist who worked on Secret Ops. We remember him best for creating the famous Plunkett Class Heavy Artillery Cruiser. Fans have drooled over the gun-heavy design since our sixth update was posted way back in August 1998. Mr. Plunkett has a privately made a beautifully rendered version of the ship which is pictured to the right. Apparently he also had a hand in positioning a little-known teaser shot created prior to Secret Ops. This nice collage features the TCS Cerberus, Ella Superbase, TCS Midway and a Plunkett huddling together. There is also a video compilation of a wide range of his work, but only a small portion relates to his Wing Commander art. You can grab that section of the clip in divx form here.

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