Proving Grounds Joystick and IPX Patches Released Update ID

HCl has perfected his joystick patch for Armada and Proving Grounds and doesn't expect any further breakthroughs right away, so here is his combined patch. It should allow you to properly calibrate joysticks in both Armada and Proving Grounds and let you connect over IPX mode for Proving Grounds battles. Note that this patch is specifically for the floppy disk version of Armada, though some people have been able to use the disk and CD versions interchangeably. A proper CD release should be available shortly.

In order to utilize the patches, follow the instructions on how to get Armada running in DOSBox.

1) Unzip the patch to your Armada directory.
2a) armadadb is your executable file for playing regular Armada with joystick support.
2b) pgdb is your executable file for playing Proving Grounds with joystick support and ipx internet play.
3a) The host of the game must start a second instance of DosBox and type "ipxnet startserver" to start the IPX server. It's not a good idea to use the same instance to play the game in case of crashes. If other players have trouble connecting, you may need to adjust your router or software firewall to forward traffic on port 213 to the host computer. The method for doing this differs depending on the firewall used.
3b) PG players must connect to the host by typing "ipxnet connect" followed by the host's IP address
4) Everyone should launch Proving Grounds and select IPX game. You should be able to view the opposing players in the lobby.

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